How to Use Makeup Primer

Flawless makeup begins with a GREAT foundation.....LITERALLY!
Follow these steps for a better makeup result. You can understand the purpose for a primer by thinking of painting walls. Painters prime walls to get better coverage and a more even coat of color. The same applies to foundation application. 
1) Start with a clean, fresh face. 
2) Apply a moisturizer of your choice. If you are oily a water based lightweight formula is best (we suggest our Brand #faceputty of course!) 
3) Allow the moisturizer to settle for 60 secs to hydrate the skin and also to allow the skin to become pliable and ready to receive the next layer. 
4) Apply a small amount of primer. The primer will settle where needed and balance the skin. Allowing primer to sit for 60-120 seconds yields optimal conditions for foundation application. 
FacePutty Primer System offers one of the best prep products on the planet and it also has added benefits in its unique ingredients. You should check these products out. 
We hope this helps.... 


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